design thinking transformation

Using design thinking to transform cancer care


"This new design is absolutely going to impact positively on the patient’s experience. It is going to take it to world-class. It is going to impact our financial results.”


Gena Conroy, Chief Marketing and Patient Experience Officer

Broward Health

florida ed

Using design thinking in healthcare to create a pediatric Emergency Department


"The Philips Design team, they get health care. They understand what the patient is experiencing. They understand what the patient feels, so they designed the workflow to complement the Ambient environment.’’ 


Elise MacCarroll, Director of Imaging Systems

Florida Hospital

Healthcare campus

Consolidating two community hospitals into one Campus


Compared to the original architect’s plan our team managed to:


  • Incorporate 201 single bed rooms compared to 90; at 20% lower cost per square foot
  • Create an overall plan that could result in 50% fewer construction phases
spatial ed design

Spatial design review of an emergency department plan


"We were asked to apply our strategic design capabilities to determine if the existing architect’s plans fit the customer’s short- and long-term strategic plans that aim to provide an excellent care experience in an efficient and effective way."


Giang Vu, Principal, Strategic Design