Rethinking healthcare operations, together


    What’s the secret to a great healthcare partnership that evolves and extends in value? It often comes down to shared purpose and a willingness to collaborate. Discover the path to partnership to see how we partnered with Mackenzie Health in Canada to make a real difference to healthcare operations.

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    Discover the path to partnership

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    icon episode 1

    Episode 1
    The importance of operations

    Discover the importance of operations, combining care with commerce and the recognizing the opportunity to innovate operationally.

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    Episode 2
    How the partnership began

    How the partnership started – risk and reward recognising, the importance of people.

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    Episode 3
    Building teams, processes, and technology

    The governance, planning, teams, process, and protocols.

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    Episode 4
    Finetuning and implementation

    Things take shape with plans for design & construction.

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    Episode 5
    Operational intelligence in action

    See the effects of operational intelligence and how it works day-to-day.

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    Episode 6
    Unlocking clinical value

    How this new model contributes to clinical improvements.

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    Episode 7
    A growth mindset

    Continuous learning and improvement is at the heart of operational intelligence. See how the course corrections played out. Discover how we are planning for the next phases and how data is driving our ongoing improvements.

    Mackenzie Health. The first of its kind

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    A people powered approach to operations

    Discover how the personal relationships and behaviours at MacKenzie Health have been as key to success as the latest technology.

    Why this is just the start of a new way of thinking and working that can be used by other hospitals.

    Read all success stories and case studies

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    Philips healthcare partners with you and brings a wealth of knowledge and years of expertise that can help you realize end-to-end operational excellence across your organization. 

    adressing the need and opportunities
    adressing the need and opportunities

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