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Real-time insights for both providers and patients



eCareCoordinator supports population health management by providing clinicians with a daily review of each of their patients, allowing them to prioritize patients and adjust care plans or intervene as needed. The application gives clinicians real-time access to both objective health data – like vital signs, blood pressure and weight – as well as subjective responses collected via health questionnaires and other communication with the care team about the patient’s status.



The eCareCompanion application serves as the patient portal, driving patient engagement and self-management. The personalized application is accessed via a tablet, and allows patients to answer questions about their health and enter measurements to stay connected with their care teams. Its ability to connect with medical devices, such as a home scale, oximeter, blood pressure meter and medicine dispenser, enables a deeper insight into one’s health. The application also proactively reminds them of pre-assigned health tasks, like taking medications, to encourage adherence and better outcomes.


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