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Enabling patient-centric clinical trials requires a holistic view

The data gathered in clinical trials ultimately decides the competitive potential of the drug, device, diagnostic tool, or vaccine on trial.  However, keeping patients engaged in studies and compliant to clinical trial protocols is a challenge for clinical trial administrators who also face complexities in managing the plethora of patient data to keep trials running effectively and efficiently.

HSDP provide a cloud healthcare solution that helps life science organizations connect devices, aggregate data and securely store and share observational data points across multiple care settings.  HSDP tools enable the creation of data-driven insights that give clinical trial administrators access to a holistic view of individual patients resulting in clinical trials that are more personalized, proactive, predictive and precise.

Therapy protocols

Therapy protocols based on unique patient variables 

Create capabilities that provide a holistic view of each individual to tailor therapy protocols including dosage amounts and time intervals to enhance the success of your clinical trials.

Self-management of drug therapy

Remote monitoring to improve patient adherence to drug therapy 

Facilitate self-management of drug therapy and support site-less trials to keep patients engaged and compliant. Provide the ability to share data across multiple trials which can help sponsors assess under-performing sites with the goal of achieving better outcomes.

Collaboration tools

Collaborate to improve clinical trial results  

Collaboration tools support partners in efficiently creating new solutions.   Applications built on HSDP provide the capabilities to connect devices and enable remote monitoring of patients and clinical trial sites which is critical to improved patient centricity.  Such capabilities provide clinical trial administrators with the capacity to communicate more effectively with patients on a range of issues including therapy adherence, intervention and stronger two-way dialogue.  

Reporting of real-world evidence

Enhance reporting of real-world evidence 

The ability to collect, secure and analyze patient data from multiple sources has the potential to improve outcomes and enhance reporting of real-world evidence. The quality of real-world evidence can have a substantial impact demonstrating safety and efficacy to regulators, payers and providers.


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Driving better trial outcomes through medication adherence 


How do we streamline our clinical trials in order to increase patient adherence, decrease timelines and increase our bottom line?


HSDP leveraged to:

  • Enable device connectivity and Cloud storage 
  • Globally manage and scale services  
  • Optimize for regulatory, privacy, and security requirements


We delivered: 

  • Emerging operating model for virtual, global clinical trials 
  • Robust patient adherence 
  • Speed to market: MVP  < 5 months 
  • Reduced complexity and saved 2 years vs DIY cloud 
  • Cost savings on operations, infrastructure and staffing 

Carole Tremonti image
One of the complicated things in cancer care is that it’s very hard to move quickly. . I think the driving need that AWS and Philips have been able to solve for Dana-Farber include portability, ingenuity, and innovation in cancer care . Philips built this beautiful robust data model that really lets us measure and learn not just how clinicians make decisions but what’s happening to a patient.”

Carole Tremonti

Senior Director Product Development, Dana-Farber Pathways

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Clinical Trial Accelerator 

Curated life science and healthcare cloud services empowering more flexible, efficient clinical trials

  • Enable patient-centric virtual trials by storing and managing device data in the cloud
  • Integrate, analyze and store multiple sources of clinical and patient-reported data
  • Manage and scale services globally to support multi-site trials
  • Expedite clinical development through actionable intelligence

Learn about HSDP enabled solutions 

Virtual care

Delivering an innovative approach to virtual care 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics to help enhance post-acute care among at-risk populations  

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