General Imaging Ultrasound

One platform. One user experience.

Designed to empower clinical decisions, enhance patient experiences and support efficiency, our portfolio of smart, connected General Imaging ultrasound systems deliver people-centric workflows, a shared platform and interface across our systems to streamline training and staffing flexibility, and image quality that sets us apart.

The power of OneUltrasound: One product family with shared transducers, workflow and user interface, across a multitude of clinical applications.

The power of OneUltrasound 

One product family with shared transducers, workflow and user interface, across a multitude of clinical applications.

Collaboration Live GI multi-party

Collaboration Live

Extend your team without expanding it. Quickly and securely talk, text, screen share and video stream directly from an ultrasound system to a PC or mobile device, giving up to six care team members the ability to collaborate.

Photo of a range of different types of ultrasound transducers.

High-resolutions transducers for swift and precise imaging

Philips offers a wide range of transducers for excellence in doppler and sonography. They feature intelligent imaging technology for 2D, 3D, 4D, flat, static and moving imaging along with an ergonomic design for comfortable scanning. For example, the award-winning mL 26-8 ultra-high frequency, compact linear array transducer allows you to image from eyeball to hip - all with the same transducer.

Using Ultrasound Collaboration live with tech maximizer

Technology Maximizer

With Technology Maximizer Plus, you automatically receive updated innovations for your systems as the updates are released, keeping your systems at the leading edge of clinical and operational value.

Technologies and innovations

  • xMATRIX transducer technology

    xMATRIX transducer technology enables scanning in two planes simultaneously. Available in 13 scanning modes, it enhances image clarity and eases workflow to make exams faster and easier for both clinicians and patients.

  • Flow Viewer 3D advanced visualization

    Available on Philips ultrasound machines, Flow Viewer defines vasculature with a 3D-like appearance and reduced flash artifact.

  • MicroFlow (MFI) and MicroFlow-HD (MFI-HD) imaging mode

    Available on Philips ultrasound transducers, MicroFlow Imaging (MFI) and MicroFlow HD (MFI-HD) detect slow and weak blood flow anatomy in tissue.

  • PureWave

    Philips PureWave technology advances the clinical effectiveness of imaging the obese patient

  • Shear wave

    Philips shear wave elastography simplifies liver assessment, making obtaining liver stiffness measurements fast and easy

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[1] As seen in a study done on the Clinical effectiveness of PureWave technology in imaging obese patients
[2] When comparing release 10 performance to release 7 performance
[3] Internal measure comparison on calibrated tissue phantom between the mC12-3 and C8-5 transducers on the EPIQ Elite ultrasound system.
[4] Compared to the predecessor transducer L15-7io for all depths greater than 1.6 cm.
[5] *Compared to the Philips legacy MVI

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