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Digital Transformation Consulting Services 

Unlocking digital value and innovation 

We believe data and digital technology have the potential to meaningfully transform healthcare. We also know they have yet to live up to their promise. Despite spending significant time, money, and resources on new technology and transformation processes, only a fraction of healthcare leaders report that their digital investments have delivered on expectations. Value Realization remains elusive because traditional ways of delivering technology in healthcare are inadequate for the digital era.   


Our experts will help your organization unlock digital value and innovation by methodically creating a digital-first mindset and modernizing ways of working in alignment with cross-industry best practices for successful digital enablement.


Our services include:

Digital Acceleration Program 


The Digital Acceleration Program creates the organizational conditions for digital investments to realize their transformational potential. We help healthcare organizations and departments establish a clear and compelling digital purpose, design and develop empowered teams, and foster the agility necessary to drive measurable improvements in the value of data and digital technologies. 

Digital acceleration

The program Includes: 


Shaping Vision – Using our proven cocreate methodology, we collaboratively engage stakeholders in framing a bold, comprehensive, and actionable digital vision within the context of your organization’s overall mission, brand, goals, and leadership aspirations. Within the context of the digital strategy, we then help to clarify your organization’s overarching business objectives to capture the key value metrics underlying this vision. We then work with your organization to foster alignment across clinical, business, and technical domains to empower the holistic organizational transformation required to achieve the aspired vision.


Gap Analysis and Road-mapping – Through surveys, interviews, and data gathering, we perform a baseline assessment of your organization’s current state across people, process, platform, and culture. The results are aligned to your future state vision and a detailed gap analysis is produced through which we clearly define and prioritize the key digital journeys, technical solutions, and organizational capabilities necessary to realize the desired future state. 


Digital Transformation Services – Our expert consultants are available to advise and/or guide activities that support the ensuing transformation through the process of implement, iterate, and scale.  This includes developing an overall blueprint for establishing a digital mindset, vision, and culture and a tailored Digital Acceleration Roadmap designed to produce clarity of digital purpose, a climate of empowerment, and the capability for continuous agility and rapid, data-driven innovation.  

Process Automation 


Process automation eliminates work through the automation of tasks routinely performed by staff. This offers near term value to clients by improving staff productivity, reducing cycle time, and enhancing quality. Philips is developing a suite of process automation services, beginning with a focus on the prior authorization process.  

Process automation diagram

Prior Authorization Automation:


We customize a software robot that collects required prior authorization information, completes the required forms, submits the forms to the payor and follows-up until a decision has been obtained. The digitalization of this process creates value for the provider in several ways.  


  • Improved access to care  
  • Increased accuracy  
  • Decrease in abandoned care   
  • Fewer denials  
  • Reduction in avoidable hospitalizations  
  • Improved financial performance  
  • Upgraded quality of care 
  • Better caregiver experience  
  • Enhanced operational efficiency 

Contact us for a complimentary digital acceleration assessment.


Prior Authorization Consulting overview, download our services brochure

Meet our people

Mike seagraves

Mike Seagraves, PhD

Digital Transformation Partner 

Mike brings over 25 years of experience at the intersection of technology and healthcare and has led successful digital transformations for two of the largest and most complex health systems in the United States 

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Bill wellman

Bill Wellman, MS 

Digital Transformation Partner 

Bill brings over 25 years of healthcare CIO and health consulting experience to his role as a healthcare innovator and transformation specialist. 

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Pien gehrels

Pien Gehrels 

Transformation Consultant 

Pien brings international experience in digital transformation and virtual care. She has conducted research on the digital readiness of hospitals and developed a maturity model that helps healthcare ecosystems transform towards their envisioned state.   

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