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Empowering oncologists in their treatment decision journeys

In medicine, and especially in oncology, expertise matters.”

Dr. David Jackman

Medical Director of Clinical Pathways, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Oncology Pathways Guide

powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Delivering the best health outcomes possible is challenging when the volume of the medical data grows daily, and patients don’t have equal access to the same quality of care.

Driving healthcare technology through Philips Oncology Pathways Guide powered by Dana-Farber, physicians are empowered to provide personalized and scientifically advanced cancer care for their patients through a standardized and automated process.

Pathways built for you

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Our Oncology Pathways Guide focuses on Philips Quadruple Aim:

Helping you achieve better health outcomes – With the industry transition into hospital networks, clinical quality programs are becoming increasingly important. With pathways, you are able to see the analytics into how cancer is being treated in your network, how it interacts with your players, and more.

Improved patient experiences – By personalizing treatment to a patient's specific disease, the goal is to get patients healthier, quicker.

Improved staff satisfaction – By creating this standardized process for personalized therapy selecting, we are enabling oncologists to do more, with less. By taking away many manual and unnecessary steps while also looking at utilization, we can help you improve efficiency.

Lower cost of care – When efficacy, pharmacy forecasting and financial toxicity have been taken into consideration, we aim to help you reduce your total cost of care. Oncology Pathways are proven to not increase total costs of care in select studied cases.1

1: “Clinical Pathways Cut Costs of Care in NSCLC While Preserving Survival Rates.” Oncology Practice Management, vol. 7, no. 7, July 2017.

Pathways built for you

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Harness the power of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in your oncology practice – with the option to customize pathways based on your institution's personal preferences. By having evidence-based treatment recommendations at your fingertips, you can feel confident that the decisions you are making with your patients are supported and relevant. And if there isn’t a optimal treatment in your eyes, our system has options for clinical trial matching to see what other therapies are available.

In addition, Oncology Pathways Guide integrates with any EMR and allows for prior authorization and creation of patient consent forms, saving you important time to spend with the people who need you most.

Pathways built for you

Cancer is scary – and you should have access to the best treatment on the market. When tackling the challenge of how to help fight cancer, we decided that it only made sense to partner with one of the best cancer centers in the world. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has been ranked a best hospital for 2020-2021 by US News & World Report for the 20th year in a row2.


With our Oncology Pathways Guide, you are able to help drive your care. Your preferences are acknowledged, and your oncologist can easily navigate your treatment pathways to select your most optimal treatment. You also receive a consent form at the end of your treatment planning process that is easy to comprehend. These reports are then integrated back into your medical file so different specialists in your medical institution can also understand your treatment.


2: “Best Hospitals: National Ranking.” U.S. News & World Report, U.S. News & World Report, 2020, health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings.

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How Philips is disrupting healthcare – The Atlantic and AWS Re:think series

The series “Disrupting Within” tackles the question: How does a company make that quarter turn with technology to stay competitive? Watch our AWS sponsored video on not only how Philips has managed to disrupt healthcare, but how our Oncology Pathways Guide powered by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute manages to use innovative technology to bring patients to the center of their evidence-based care.

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Lessons from the Front: Designing and Implementing Clinical Pathways by and for physicians

To address treatment variations and challenges in obtaining clear care pathways, institutions have to decide between developing something in-house or looking elsewhere.

Establishing an institutional in-house pathways program requires a significant resource investment and intense physician cooperation and collaboration in both the creation and maintaining a pathways program and content.

Philips Oncology Pathways Guide is intended to address these issues by establishing standardized and evidence-based treatment selections. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s expert-curated content enables an institution to kick-start their pathway program and keep it up to date without the heavy upfront resource investment.

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